Attach your Sashay to your stroller: a tutorial

Note: After writing all of this I decided that I should have titled this post “Attach your Sashay to your stroller: a tutorial AND a novel about my experience with this.” I’m long winded. Sorry. If you don’t want to read my novel just scroll down to the pictures and start there. ;)

We’ve already declared our love for the Sashay and both of us use one as our daily bag. We love the features and the look, but there is one feature that is a little confusing and people regularly ask about: how does it attach to a stroller?
When I was at the store buying my first Sashay I had test packed it, tried it on, carried it around on my shoulder and had fallen in love. Then, I went to attach it to my stroller and I was at a total loss. I couldn’t figure out how it attached. I tried to rig something up with the backpack straps but didn’t like how that looked at all. I remember being really, really frustrated. “Surely there has to be a way to put this thing on my stroller!” I couldn’t figure it out and so I put the bag back and walked away. I just had a Touring Tote at the time and I wanted something bigger but I was not going to get a bag that could not attach to my stroller!
I walked around the mall for a bit and then I went back to look at the bag again. When I picked it up I noticed that there were little fabric tabs above the bottle pockets. Ahhhh! There was a way to make it work. I happily bought the bag and have loved it since.

I want to note here that I don’t really know if the tabs were put on the bag with the intention that they be used with stroller clips. However, I have no idea what other function the tabs would serve. I’ve looked and looked for instructions about this and have come up short. I think that if that’s what they really are for that Petunia should have put some metal hardware on them (we have a solution for that…keep reading) but we have hooked the bag onto our strollers this way for over a year and never had any issues, so take that for what it’s worth.

After getting a little frustrated when fumbling around with the stroller clips and the fabric tabs I decided that it would be a whole lot easier if I just added some metal rings to the tabs. It’s not hard to hook the clips through the tabs but it does require both hands and you have to kind of wiggle the tab down the clip a bit to get it to close all the way. The addition of metal hardware does make it a LOT better. I went to Home Depot and purchased a set of d-rings, put them on my bag and was happy.

One day I was cruising a PPB chat page and I came across this picture posted by another PPB mama. She had added some rings she had swiped from an old purse to her tabs:

Notice the hinged section of the ring that opens and closes easily

I was intrigued because these looked pretty awesome and they could be installed and removed easily. This lovely lady, Molly Pepper, is known for retrofitting and customizing her bags and doing all sorts of creative things with spare parts. I asked her more about the rings, but she didn’t know where else you could get these rings or what they were called so I did a little research. I figured out that they are called “gate rings” and that there were tons of different options available on Etsy. I ordered a set, installed them and have happily used them since. If you search for “gate rings” on Etsy, you can find them in all different finishes and sizes. Since I use Organic Cotton Sashays, I ordered 1″ Antique Brass finish rings. You can also find silver finishes and different sizes — whatever you prefer.

Here are some pictures so you can get a better idea of how to do this.

*We want to sincerely thank Molly Pepper for her awesome, out-of-the-box thinking to solve the problem for so many of us. You can visit her Etsy store here.


  • Julianne Johnson says:

    Great idea! I could be wrong, but I think the fabric tabs are there to hold on to with the other hand while zipping up a loose zipper. Since the Sashay is a stiffer material, they probably didn’t need them. Good thing they did put on there!

  • Molly Pepper says:

    Lovely Write up ladies, so happy to help out! Gate Rings are fabulous!!!!!! They should mandatory add those to the design because it’s a perfect stroller fix & if you need a messenger strap attach point, well they rock for that too!
    Nice write up ladies!
    Thanks for the honorable mention. :)

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  • Nisha says:

    Thank you for this post! I had clipped my stroller clips directly to the loops on the sashay satchel. After having them for about a year, one slipped off the bag during a long flight. I called customer service to learn that the stroller clips were not meant for the satchel. Petunia pickle bottom has AWESOME customer service. Even tho they’re not necessarily meant for the satchel, I’m headed to Home Depot for d rings! My stroller is so much cleaner looking with the diaper bag clipped on instead of underneath!

  • Danielle says:

    Hi! I have the sashay satchel and am worried that adding the gate clips to the fabric pulls might rip the bag or tabs off etc. I thought that the bag might be too heavy hanging that way, so was considering the straps made for the cake bags…would probably distribute the weight better. Let me know how your bag has held up with the gate rings holding on a stroller as well as a potential messenger strap.

    Thanks so much!

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